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We understand that people are the center of our success so we always proud to attract the best talents and provide them with competitive remuneration, benefits and the best facilities. Everyone at National Egyptian Drilling & Petroleum Services company is responsible for demonstrating the right behaviors and meeting the standards and requirements we have set. We give our employees every chance for achieving their maximum potential which help our them to achieve their and our goals.

If you wish to apply for a job in our company you have a look below at this website. Once you find a vacancy that matches your profile and career aspirations, select ‘apply’ and follow the application instructions.

Careers The interview

If your application is successful, you willl be invited to an interview.

The Interview is about you and your experience. The department which has the vacancy will evaluate your technical knowledge and skills, and whether or not you will fit within their team.  

You will be asked for examples of how you behaved in different situations drawing on examples from work, university.

We also include a personality assessment which another tool to find out a bit more-about you. We will look at your ability and potential and how you focus on verbal and numerical skills.

The interview will also focus on how you work with other people, in particular examining your influencing, communication and teamwork skills.

We also want to know what will you add to our company.