• National Egyptian Drilling & Petroleums Services Company believes that prevention is always better than cure, particularly when it comes to process safety and asset integrity. When that is accomplished, we protect our people, the environment, our business and our reputation.
    • We are committed to be one of the leading contracting Companies in the scope of water drilling and the maintenance of the wells and the production of our own screens and casings , promptly, efficiently and in the safe manner through:-
  • Establishing, implementing and continually improving the effectiveness of the QHSE Management System that complies with ISO 9001:2008 standards requirements .

We Consider

• Quality (Q) and the protection of health, safety and environment (HSE) as a core value beneficial to all their activities. The management of the company therefore is committed to play an active role in the implementation of the QHSE policy

• We believe that the real measure of quality is to fulfil our client’s needs with respect to the company’s standards.

• We are also committed to provide partners with a reasonable investment return, as well as, providing employees with intensive and continuous bonuses to maintain a sound improvement in operations.

Our Asset Our Employees

  • Employees at all level are strongly requested to abide by all the company’s policies, regulations, targets and plans to ensure a high standard of quality for all aspects of services and operation.
  • All company employees and others on company worksite are responsible for obeying all safety rules, following recommended safe work procedures, wearing PPE, participating in safety meetings and informing supervisors of any unsafe acts or unsafe conditions , and everyone has the right to refuse to do the work when an unsafe condition exists.