About Us History

National Egyptian Drilling & Petroleum Services Company was established in 1983 as a share holding company under the Egyptian law Number 43 and its amendments.

 In year 1994 , the company was ranked as Category one by the Egyptian Federation for Construction & Building Contractors in water wells drilling sector.

• Besides drilling business National Egyptian Drilling & Petroleum Services Company added a new business which is manufacturing water wells screens & casing in the new factory established in 2012 in Sadat city.

• We obtained the ISO 9001/2008 certificate in 2014 for the manufactring of water wells screens and casing , then We obtained the same certificate for the water wells drilling in 2015.

1. Drilling and completion of water

wells up to 1500 Meters depth with high quality at reasonable prices and less time.

2. Development, assessment and rehabilitation

of water wells.

3. Supply and repair of electric submersible pumps (ESP).

4. Civil and construction

works related to water wells.

5. Dewatering works.

6. Manufacturing

of stainless steel , carbon steel & galvanised steel bridge slotted screens and casings from 4 inch to 14 inch.

7. Manufacturing

of PVC slotted screens and casings from 160 mm to 355 mm

8. Manufacturing

of well completion and cementing accessories.